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Grant Reader has been practicing law in California since 1992 and carries with him a lifetime of practical experience with the California justice system, having been a part of it his entire adult life.

Mr. Reader’s knowledge of California jurisprudence began with an early career in law enforcement. During that time, he learned first hand the effects of unresolved legal disputes, the practical mechanics for diffusing them, and mediating a peaceful resolution. Since his admission to the bar in 1992, Mr. Reader has litigated a wide array of matters from business law issues, to employment law disputes, to various tort issues, as well as handling a variety of transactional matters as General Counsel for many years with a vibrant boutique corporation in Orange County.

Mr. Reader has served not only as counsel and advocate for his clients, but has also dedicated a significant amount of time in volunteer service to the courts in San Bernardino County. He is a member of the San Bernardino and Riverside County Bar Associations, and has extensive ties to those communities. Mr. Reader is also active in Christian ministry, being an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene.